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Stoocked Buffet

Catering Operations

Since the opening of our first kitchen in 2004, which produced 7000 meals daily, we have transitioned successfully into one of the major players in the field of catering and food service industry and have established strong commercial relationships with both the public and private sectors.

From a small number of employees, we now manage a diverse workforce of 2000 who were recruited after rigorous screening and in accordance with the Supreme Committee's ethical recruitment standards. Qatar Star Services believes in the positive analogy that happy employees keep customers happy, thus, resulting in a healthy business.  

Over the years, Qatar Star Services has been extremely consistent in protecting and catering to all the needs of our customers through a ceaseless commitment to international and all other appropriate quality and food safety standards and by embracing good manufacturing practices throughout all stages of food chain.

Qatar Star Services is certified for the ISO9001:2015 (QMS), ISO22000:2018 (Food Safety), ISO45001:2018 (OHSMS), and ISO14001:2015 (EMS).

For every food we produce, prepare, and serve, we put foremost the health and safety of our consumers being one of our core operational values.

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