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Congratulations to our very own Chef Rajesh Narasimman!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

For winning the bronze medal for the the category "Live Cooking Indian Cuisine" at the Qatar Hospitality Salon Culinaire 2019, Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

CHEF RAJESH NARASIMMAN joined Qatar Star as an Executive Chef for the Institutional Catering & Restaurant operations, and currently, he is largely involved in the standardization of Menus across company operations.

He is a skilled Culinary Professional (Executive Chef) recognized for a comprehensive knowledge of international cuisine and an innovative approach for a customized dining experience. Over 16 years of progressive expertise in managing kitchen operations for Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Banquets Events, Industrial Kitchen Operations, and Offshore Caterings.

CHEF RAJESH NARASIMMAN has excellent knowledge on ISO standards, thus, he can assure a production that is adhering to food safety and sanitation practices, conforming to standard preparation and cooking guidelines and procedures.

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