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Soccer Match

Sporting & Mass Events (SMED)

From marquee entertainment programs to mass sporting events, our professionals at Qatar Star Services are experts in handling any special events.

Qatar Star Services SMED specializes in providing catering, food & beverages service for all types of major events. From marquee entertainment programs, concerts to mass sporting
events we put the right resources, in the right place, at the right time. With our truly wide range network, our service concepts have no boundaries. We are continually pushing innovation for major events, providing successful catering, food & beverages services to large events such as The Olympic & Arab Cup, Asian Games, The FIFA World Cup, and many other such events. 

With care and precision, our team of experts plan and execute all your service and budgetary needs for each event, whether it’s a one-stop show or an entire tour. Qatar Star Sporting & Mass Events solutions are guaranteed to help your event(s) take place seamlessly. 

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