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Who We Are

Since 2004, Qatar Star Services QSS has been providing catering and support services to many public and private companies and government organizations in the Middle East.  Our roster of clients includes various government institutions, ministries, education institution, hospitality, shopping malls, hospitals, health clubs, public works authority, and onshore & offshore rigs.

We have leveraged our experience to build solid infrastructures including state of the art central production units, worker housing that complies with Supreme Committee standards, warehouses, central laundry facility, and garage. All these facilities are supported by organized, controlled, and managed logistics systems for inbound and outbound transportation, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, inventory management, and demand forecasting. 


QSS is embedded with key individuals with extensive global experience in industrial catering. Having a roster of international caliber people leads to our development of international franchise restaurant operations in the Arabian Gulf and other Middle East countries.


QSS is one of the member companies of and strongly backed up by Mezzan Holding Group in Kuwait. 


Mezzan Holding Group is a leader in manufacturing and distribution of food, healthcare, and consumer products in the Middle East. The success in the food business has inevitably led Mezzan to venture into the catering operations for events, healthcare, educational institutions, government institutions, and offshore and onshore rigs.


We provide solutions to make life and business easy.

The word "diversification" is synonymous with Qatar Star Services.

Being an expert in catering operations, Qatar Star Services expanded into more food service businesses and ventured into event, restaurant, bakery, and cafeteria service operations.


We gained the advantage of service integration and as result, our entire food service operations continue to complement our whole catering business. 

Core Values


In everything we do


In our attitude


In all our actions


Our commitment to Quality

We are ISO and HACCP certified and this strongly validates our claim of  a solid COMMITMENT to QUALITY despite all challenges.  It is through this commitment that we have managed to retain clients from both government and private sectors for a long period of time and to continue winning new contracts. 

Other Certificates

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